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Doctrinal Mastery Cards

Old Testament

*January 2022: new scriptures added!

These Old Testament Seminary Scripture Mastery Memorization Cards are for anyone who studies the bible in their family or Sunday school class to better learn and understand the verses.

I could go on and on about the importance of memorizing scriptures, but I mainly love it because it teaches important lessons, that you can carry with you and think about when in times of doubt or uncertainty.

For those of you that are teaching seminary, or parents of seminary students, this is the most current set of 25 Old Testament scripture mastery scriptures. For those not of my faith (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a.k.a. Mormons) these are from the King James version of the Bible, and there are 3 verses that come from what we know as the Pearl of Great Price, which is supplement reading to the Old Testament study. They are Moses 1:39Moses 7:18, and Abraham 3:22-23.

Exactly what you'll get:

  1. All 25 scriptures bundled on 8.5×11 pages, full size, a 25 page PDF. I suggest printing these as posters on card stock to hang in a classroom or your home.
  2. All 25 verses, but 4 to a page. I print these off, cut them, and give them to my students. 
Doctrinal Mastery Cards: Old Testament
2022 UPDATED scriptures included! Memorize scriptures easily with these fun and colorful designs. This 25 page document has 1 scripture to a page for 25 pages, and a BONUS 25 page document with each scripture 4 to a page to easily pass out to students to keep as a bookmark.
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