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Doctrinal Mastery Cards

Book of Mormon

*These Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Cards (Doctrinal Mastery) are typcially used by those who teach or participate in the seminary program for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a.k.a. The Mormons.  If you are Christian, but not LDS, you’ll like the New Testament Cards and the Old Testament cards.

The Book of Mormon Scripture Doctrinal Mastery Cards are great picture visuals for learning the scriptures in seminary or with your young family.

I believe strongly in memorizing scriptures, as they stay with us for many many years to come. Memorizing is a wonderful family or class activity, and these picture and colorful visuals really help in that process.

Whether you have a child enrolled in seminary, teach seminary, or just want to memorize scriptures in your home, these are great, colorful sets that will surely help!

You’ll get 3 different pdf files:


One is each scripture on it’s own 8.5×11 paper


The second PDF is a smaller version of each scripture.


Extra scriptures from previous doctrinal mastery sets each on an 8.5×11 paper


  • Text the colored version to yoru students and have them save it as a screensaver
  • Print the black and white version and let students color them as they arrive at class for a gathering activity
  • Print the colored posters and hang them around your classroom/home
  • Give the kids the cards to hang on bedroom walls or use as bookmarks
Doctrinal Mastery Cards: Book Of Mormon
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