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Doctrinal Mastery Cards

Doctrine and Covenants

*These Doctrine and Covenants Scriptural Mastery Cards (Doctrinal Mastery) are typcially used by those who teach or participate in the seminary program for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a.k.a. The Mormons.  If you are Christian, but not LDS, you’ll like the New Testament Cards and the Old Testament cards.

The D&C Scripture Doctrinal Mastery Cards are great picture visuals for learning the scriptures in seminary or with your young family.

I believe strongly in memorizing scriptures, as they stay with us for many many years to come. Memorizing is a wonderful family or class activity, and these picture and colorful visuals really help in that process.

Whether you have a child enrolled in seminary, teach seminary, or just want to memorize scriptures in your home, these are great, colorful sets that will surely help!

You’ll get 2 different pdf files:


One is each scripture on it’s own 8.5×11 paper


The second PDF is a smaller version of each scripture.


  • Text the colored version to yoru students and have them save it as a screensaver
  • Print the black and white version and let students color them as they arrive at class for a gathering activity
  • Print the colored posters and hang them around your classroom/home
  • Give the kids the cards to hang on bedroom walls or use as bookmarks
Doctrinal Mastery Cards: Doctrine and Covenants
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